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We are the premier provider of secure online business banking services for U.S. Commercial Banks, Community Banks, and Credit Unions.

Founded in 2002, OBS is the third generation of online banking solutions developed and offered by our founder and principals. At the core of the current and previous undertakings, is our fierce passion for providing the finest, most secure financial technology solutions available.

Privately held, profitable and debt-free, we are free to innovate and pursue the excellence that our customers have come to expect of us. Leading the online banking industry with integrity, partnership, and attention to detail, we help our financial institution customers maximize their online banking profits while keeping expenses in check and maintaining a safe, secure banking environment for their clients. Working together for the best end-user experience, our employees and customers are truly partners.

We realize that online banking, specifically, cash management has become commoditized. Everyone offers balance reporting, online account statements, payments: account transfers, ACH, wires, and positive pay. So, what will set you apart from your competition? What sets us apart from ours? Three crucial attributes: accessibility, innovation, partnership.


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Providing Innovation

From the first major online cash management innovation, TTY, through PC-, web-, and now anywhere-banking, the core team that now make up OBS has been at the forefront, leading the way to the future.

  • Web-based business banking
  • Secure Browser
  • Software-based multi-factor authentication
  • Out-of-band authentication
  • In-application Fraud Analytics
  • Flexible input file mapper for check positive pay and ACH
  • Smartphone business banking
  • Tablet business banking
  • Wearables notifications and authentication

Providing Partnership

We partner closely with core providers to offer you and your clients frictionless access to account information, statements, images, account transfers, and stop payments.

We partner with several payments systems to support ACH and real-time Wire Transfers.

We work with countless applications to support Single Sign On through our Secure Browser.

Our closest partners are our customers with whom we have developed many standard and custom products, received and imparted much wisdom about the business banking industry and charted our product’s course, and made banking, specifically online banking, a pain-free, dare we say, enjoyable activity.

Our Messenger Center Products:



  • Multi-Channel
  • Account Information Reporting & Statement Delivery
  • Special Reports & Customized Reporting
  • Data File Exchange & Transformation
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  • Interactive Information Reporting
  • Payments (ACH, Transfers, Wire, Check, Card)
  • Check Positive Pay
  • ACH Positive Pay
  • Notification & Alerts
  • Secure Messaging
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  • Tablet-based Account Information, Payments, Check Positive Pay, Stop Payments
  • Mobile alerts and payment approvals
  • Smartphone-based one-time passcode generator


  • Secure Browser
  • Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • DDoS Protection
  • Web Application Intrusion Protection
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  • Simplicity
  • Mobility
  • Flexibility
  • Serviceability
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  • Automated Payables
  • Secure file transmission
  • Mixed payment processing (check, ACH, Wire, card)
  • Straight-through and warehouse options
  • EDI820, ISO 20022, Customer-specific formats
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